Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Example of 'Dimension-based configuration' item in AX 2012

We'll take a look on one of the configuration technologies; 'Dimension-based configuration' which can be selected while creating products in Dynamics AX 2012.

Dimension-based configuration:

Dimension-based configuration is used when it is not necessary to define all combinations of item dimensions. Items  can be configured (e.g. on Sales order) using the configuration rules and configuration routes which are set up on the BOM. Flexibility is provided to the user to select a configuration based on the BOM items selection. To use this configuration technology, it is necessary that 'Configuration' dimension is enabled for the item.

The benefit of using Dimension-based configuration includes the possibility of avoiding multiple BOM creations for one item. Rather than that only one BOM can be created and configuration rules can be defined to select or deselect particular items in the BOM, and based on this selection a configuration can be created for the item.

To demonstrate this example we will proceed in the following sequence:

  1. Create products (item and its components)
  1. Create bill of materials
  1. Configure item
  1. Use the item in Sales order and verify the correct components selection

    1. Create products:

We are going to create one main item and its four component items which will be used in the BOM. We will create them in the Released products form at Product information and management > Common > Released products.

Main Item:

Following are the important fields to be considered

  • Product type = Item
  • Product subtype = Product master
  • Item number = FG_ITEM
  • Product dimension group = Con-Dim (Configuration enabled group)
  • Configuration technology = Dimension-based configuration

Component items:

The component items can be simple products without configurations. Create four component items 'ITEM_1', 'ITEM_2', 'ITEM_3' and 'ITEM_4' considering the following fields.

  • Product type = Item
  • Product subtype = Product
  • Item number = ITEM_1

    2. Create Bill of materials:

We are going to create a bill of material for the 'FG_ITEM'. We want either 'ITEM_1' & 'ITEM_3' OR 'ITEM_2' & 'ITEM_4' to be selected as components for 'FG_ITEM'. For this purpose we will define configuration route and configuration rules for component selection.

  1. Open 'Bill of materials' form from Inventory and warehouse management > Common > Bill of materials

  1. Create new BOM for 'BOM for FG_ITEM'

  1. Add  'ITEM_1', 'ITEM_2' assigning  'Group_1' as Configuration group, and 'ITEM_3' and 'ITEM_4' assigning  'Group_2' as Configuration group in BOM lines.

  1. Click 'Configuration route' tab and add 'Group_1' and 'Group_2'.

  1. Select 'Group_1' and click 'Configuration rules'

  1. In the 'Configuration rules' define the following:

  1. Add 'FG_ITEM' in the BOM version then approve and activate the BOM.

    3. Configure item:

We will now configure the item from the Release products form. Item can also be configured on the  order at run time.

  1. Open the 'Released products' list page from Product information and management > Common > Released products and select 'FG_ITEM'

  1. On the 'Engineer' tab click 'Maintain configurations' button.

  1. Click 'Configure' button on the 'Maintain configurations' form.

  1. On the 'Configure item' form, select 'ITEM_1' for 'Group_1'. Note that 'ITEM_3' will be auto selected for 'Group_2'. This is due to the rules defined on the BOM.

  1. 'Configuration creation' form will be opened on which we will provide the new configuration for the combination of selected components. Enter 'Con-1' in the 'Configuration' field.

  1. Click 'OK' and new configuration will be created. Similarly create 'Con-2' for the combination of 'ITEM_2' & 'ITEM_4'.

  1. These configuration will now appear in the 'Product dimensions' and 'Released product variants' forms, and are ready to be used.

    4. Use and verify item on Sales order:

We will now create a sales order for 'FG_ITEM' and verify that correct combination of components is selected for its configuration.

  1. Create new sales order at Sales and marketing > Common > Sales orders > All sales orders

  1. On sales order lines select 'FG_ITEM' and open the 'Configuration' lookup. This will open the 'Configure item' form.

  1. Select 'Con-1'.

  1. Now to verify the component selection, click 'Product and supply > Composed of - tree' on sales order line.

Note that only 'ITEM_1' & 'ITEM_3' appear in the BOM designer which concludes our demonstration.


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  2. Muchas Gracias por la explicación! El ejemplo es super claro :)

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  6. Hi, is it possible to change the component item from product to product master?

    1. Yes you can use product masters as component items. I used Product without dimensions just to keep the example simple.

  7. May i ask about is it possible to create colour and configuration at the same time with using dimension based configuration?